A Special Session @ ALIFE 2024 Conference, Copenhagen (Denmark) + Virtual. July 22th-July 26th 2024

Special Session Times To Be Confirmed

About the Special Session

This session continues the tradition of the ALife & Society Special Session: now in its 8th year.
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Artificial Life, with its combination of philosophical perspectives, modelling approaches, insights, methods, and technologies, has immense potential to engage with pressing societal, ecological, and planetary problems. Many of these are one-shot wicked problems, where quality of “life” is fundamentally wrapped up in the quality of society and the environment. Addressing these problems necessitates interactionist perspectives rather than individualist approaches to “quality” that place equity, sustainability, and the reality of socio-economical-political contexts at the heart of research.

Moving beyond the myth of the technological fix, our focus is not on providing technological solutions to what are fundamentally social problems. Rather, we are proposing an agenda where ALife-based perspectives are explored that enable (or are a catalyst for) ecological and social solutions to ecological and social problems. ALife research has the potential to provide philosophical perspectives, modelling approaches, insights, methods, and technologies that enable us to conceive, understand, contextualise, and interact with eco-socio-technical systems in new ways.

In doing this, we also cannot escape questions of ethics and power, and our special session provides a space for the ALife community to engage explicitly with these. The ALife and Society Special Session provides a home for extended and critical scholarly discussion on how our discipline could, does, and should engage with the grand societal, ecological, and planetary challenges of our time.

The goal of our Special Session is to continue providing a space for ALife-based research and perspectives - in particular those that can help enable or be a catalyst for addressing societal, ecological, and planetary problems - to be explored in a scientific and critical manner. Our Special Session will facilitate scholarly discourse on these areas, where ALife perspectives can be developed from ideas to experiments and practice, in collaborations with other disciplines and those working on the ground on these grand challenges.  To this end, and following on from the success of previous years, we propose a diverse programme consisting of a combination of full papers/extended abstracts, invited speaker(s), and a scholarly panel. 

Topics of Interest include (but are not limited to):

Organisers: Imy Khan (University of Gothenburg, Sweden), Peter Lewis (Ontario Tech University, Canada)